K.I.S. Art is a Berlin based photographer and artist.
“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.”
ABOUT K.I.S. ART Keep It Simple describes the beauty of the simple things around us. Things that many often walk by without noticing. K.I.S. Art reflects the belief that beauty can be found in simplicity. It means the beauty of each moment; no matter how small or large. K.I.S. Art is all about capturing these moments, these flashes of life that, if we let them, will pass us by unnoticed.

Keep It Simple means the simple things in life.

ABOUT MARCOMarco Hartz lives in Berlin with his English girlfriend and his Russian cats. He is an enthusiasic pastry chef and a passionate photographer. When he isn't baking cakes and making delicious desserts you will find him out and about in Berlin with his cameras or at home with his brushes and canvas. Marco loves to travel and experience new cultures, delicious food and beautiful landscapes and he enjoys capturing these experiences to share with you here.

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"I can not thank Marco enough for the fantastic effort he put in to enabling me to look back at the best day of my life."

"Marco's friendly and efficient approach took away all of the worries of the big day photographs, and his attention to detail was out of this world."

"The photographs K.I.S. Art produced were spectacular, innovative and sublime, capturing more than just an image."

"Marco's phenomenal vision and creativeness helped capture stunning pieces of work with every click."

"Marco was very professional, had great ideas and also kept our ideas in mind. We were extremely happy with the final outcome. A definite recommendation."

Marco is available on a number of platforms where it is also possible to see more of his work.


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2011 Australia

A HDR Timelapse shot 2011 while travelling from Cairns to Sydney down the Australian East Coast.

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